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Chicken Pox Case


Possible case of chicken pox in our community

We have been advised that here may be a case of chicken pox (varicella) in the community.

The National Immunisation Program Schedule provides a combined measles, mumps, rubella and varicella (MMRV) vaccine free of charge to all children aged 18 months.
Advice from Qld Health includes the following:
Exclusion of person with chicken pox: Exclude until all blisters have dried. This is usually at least five days after the rash first appeared (and less for immunised children).
Exclusion of contacts (other persons exposed): Any child with an immune deficiency (e.g. leukemia) or receiving chemotherapy should be excluded for their own protection. Exclude any pregnant woman who is, or is presumed to be susceptible (i.e. non-immune pregnant women).
Please see the following Queensland Health Website for more information on chicken pox -