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Stop Drop & Go Zone


Stop, Drop and Go Zone



·         Stop, drop and go zones are a safe place to be dropped off or picked up outside your school.
·         They operate like a fast moving taxi rank picking up students from the front of the zone.
·         There is a two minute limit for stopping in the zone.
·         Two minutes gives kids time to get in or out of the car without holding up the traffic too much.
·         Ensure children exit and enter the vehicle from the footpath side.
In the afternoons:
·         Delay your arrival until after release time. If you arrive early, do not park in the zone!
·         Display your surname clearly on the visor. Click here for template
·         Drive slowly to the head of the line.
·         Move forward as space becomes available.
·         Collect only at the head of the line.
·         Drivers are to stay in the car unless assisting with the loading of baggage and passengers.
·         Do not park for more than 2 minutes during signed hours of operation. If others abuse the zone, don’t follow their lead.
 Reporting parked vehicles:
If someone parks a vehicle illegally or dangerously they can be given a fine and their vehicle may be towed. You can help keep our children safe in the school zone by reporting illegally parked vehicles.
Contact Gold Coast City Council on 1300 465 326 or Coomera Police Station on 07 5519 5555
Thank you to all of our pedestrians and drivers who always do the right thing and set a safe and courteous example of others.