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Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing Whole School Program:

Second Steps

We want your child to be as successful as possible at school. Success in school is not just about reading and math. It is also about Social Emotional Learning, knowing how to learn and how to get along with others. Coomera State School uses an evidence based whole school Social Emotional Learning Program called the Second Step to teach these critical skills.
The Second Step program teaches skills in the following four areas:
1. Skills for Learning: Students gain skills to help themselves learn, including how to focus their attention, listen carefully, use self-talk to stay on task, and be assertive when asking for help with schoolwork.
2. Empathy: Students learn to identify and understand their own and others’ feelings. Students also learn how to take another’s perspective and how to show compassion.
3. Emotion Management: Students learn specific skills for calming down when experiencing strong feelings, such as anxiety or anger.
4. Problem Solving: Students learn a process for solving problems with others in a positive way.
Second Step is a comprehensive whole school program designed to address the ACARA HPE curriculum content descriptions and achievement standards. The curriculum also aligns with our school Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) framework and Response to Intervention (RTI) approach to provide students with learning and behaviour support. Social and emotional learning is also key to addressing the pervasive issue of bullying. It builds resilience and confidence, develops empathy and compassion for others and reduces high stress levels.
Your child will be learning a lot this year—and he or she will need your help! Throughout the year, your child will be bringing home ‘Home Links’ that go with several of the Second Step lessons. Home Links are simple, fun activities for you and your child to complete together. They are a great way for you to understand what your child is learning and for your child to show you what he or she knows. If you have any questions about the Second Step program, please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s class teacher. Thank you for supporting your child in learning the skills that lead to success in school and in life.
You can join using the appropriate activation key from the list below to watch videos about the Second Step program and get information about what your child is learning.
Year 1: SSP1 FAMILY71
Year 2: SSP2 FAMILY72
Year 3: SSP3 FAMILY73
Year 4: SSP4FAMILY74
Year 5: SSP5 FAMILY75
Year 6: SSP6 FAMILY12