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Folder: Investing 4 SuccessInvesting 4 SuccessInvesting 4 Success
Folder: Queensland Health AlertsQueensland Health AlertsQueensland Health Alerts
Folder: Reading to learn for advanced readersReading to learn for advanced readersReading to learn for advanced readers
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Folder: Year Level NewsletterYear Level NewsletterYear Level Newsletter
Write4Fun Entry.pdfWrite4Fun Entry271 KB
2013-discipline audit-executive-summary.pdf2013 Discipline Audit - Executive Summary2013-discipline audit-executive-summary399 KB
discipline-audit-5-page-profile.pdf5 Page Profile - Discipline Auditdiscipline-audit-5-page-profile335 KB
age-appropriate.pdfAge Appropriateage-appropriate5 KB
art-club.pdfArt clubart-club40 KB
attendance-policy.pdfAttendance Policyattendance-policy518 KB
Be a Learner - Learning Areas I will be organised.pdfBe a Learner - Learning Areas I will be organisedBe a Learner - Learning Areas I will be organised322 KB
Be Respectful - All Areas I will use manners and be polite.pdfBe Respectful - All Areas I will use manners and be politeBe Respectful - All Areas I will use manners and be polite156 KB
Be Safe - All Areas I will bounce back and show resilience.pdfBe Safe - All Areas I Will Bounce back and Show ResilienceBe Safe - All Areas I will bounce back and show resilience338 KB
Be Safe - All Areas I will get along with others.pdfBe Safe - All Areas I will get along with othersBe Safe - All Areas I will get along with others330 KB
besafevineypark.pdfBe Safe Viney Parkbesafevineypark357 KB
Bookfair_1-8August_2016.pdfBook Fair FlyerBookfair_1-8August_20161579 KB
Chappynewsterm2week8CSS.pdfChappynewsterm2week8CSSChappynewsterm2week8CSS495 KB
chess-club.pdfchess clubchess-club44 KB
choir-club.pdfChoir Clubchoir-club40 KB
Class_Teachers_2018.pdfClass_Teachers_2018Class_Teachers_201838 KB
complaints-management.pdfComplaints managementcomplaints-management24 KB
computer-club.pdfComputer Clubcomputer-club46 KB
coomera-can-speak-club.pdfCoomera Can Speak Clubcoomera-can-speak-club86 KB
Coomera SS Parent Handbook 2017.pdfCoomera SS Parent Handbook 2018Coomera SS Parent Handbook 20171536 KB
Coomera SS Student Dress Code 2017.pdfCoomera SS Student Dress Code 2017 [PDF, 546KB]Coomera SS Student Dress Code 2017546 KB
enrolment_application.pdfCoomera State School Enrolment Applicationenrolment_application99 KB
Coomera State School Map 2018.pdfCoomera State School Map 2018Coomera State School Map 2018159 KB
Coomera State School Tuckshop Menu 2018.pdfCoomera State School Tuckshop Menu 2018Coomera State School Tuckshop Menu 2018496 KB
CSS Values Poster.pdfCSS ValuesCSS Values Poster528 KB
dance-and-glee-clubs.pdfDance and Glee Clubdance-and-glee-clubs23 KB
WOOLIES-Earn-Learn.pdfEarn and Learn Sticker SheetsWOOLIES-Earn-Learn2723 KB
enrolment-agreement.pdfEnrolment agreementenrolment-agreement49 KB
Enrolment Form 2017.pdfEnrolment Form 2017Enrolment Form 20174514 KB
emp - endorsed.pdfEnrolment Management Planemp - endorsed1176 KB
environment-club.pdfenvironment clubenvironment-club32 KB
Family law matters affecting schools.pdfFamily law matters affecting schoolsFamily law matters affecting schools186 KB
full-school-reviews-fact-sheet.pdffull-school-reviews-fact-sheetfull-school-reviews-fact-sheet269 KB
games club.pdfgames clubgames club31 KB
enrolment-management-plan.pdfGazettel notice - Coomera State School Enrolment Management Planenrolment-management-plan171 KB
greater-results-guarantee.pdfGreater Results Guaranteegreater-results-guarantee786 KB
Harold_LifeEducationVan.pdfHarold - Life EducationHarold_LifeEducationVan2488 KB
Homework policy.pdfHomework policyHomework policy24 KB
Instrumental-Music-Program-parent-information- handbook.pdfInstrumental music program parent information handbookInstrumental-Music-Program-parent-information- handbook138 KB
keeping-our-children-safe.pdfKeeping Our Children Safekeeping-our-children-safe61 KB
media-consent-form.pdfMedia Consent Formmedia-consent-form480 KB
Office-2016-mac-download-and-install-instructions.pdfOffice-2016-mac-download-and-install-instructions pdf (1148KB)Office-2016-mac-download-and-install-instructions1148 KB
Office-2016-windows-download-and-install-instructions.pdfOffice-2016-windows-download-and-install-instructions pdf (862KB)Office-2016-windows-download-and-install-instructions862 KB
out-of-catchment.pdfOut of Catchmentout-of-catchment38 KB
chaplaincy-program.pdfOverview and aims - Chaplaincy Programchaplaincy-program84 KB
parent-handbook-curriculum.pdfParent handbook curriculumparent-handbook-curriculum36 KB
parent-handbook-enrolment.pdfParent handbook enrolmentparent-handbook-enrolment319 KB
parent-handbook-general.pdfParent handbook generalparent-handbook-general86 KB
parent-handbook-welcome.pdfParent handbook welcomeparent-handbook-welcome517 KB
Parent-handbook-health-and-safety.pdfParent-handbook-health-and-safetyParent-handbook-health-and-safety207 KB
All_areas-own_my_behaviour.pdfPBL - All areas - own my behaviourAll_areas-own_my_behaviour312 KB
PBL - Assembly - Enter hall 2 lines.pdfPBL - Assembly - Enter hall 2 linesPBL - Assembly - Enter hall 2 lines334 KB
PBL - Assembly - Focus on preenter.pdfPBL - Assembly - Focus on preenterPBL - Assembly - Focus on preenter328 KB
PBL - Assembly - Participate.pdfPBL - Assembly - ParticipatePBL - Assembly - Participate328 KB
PBL - Assembly - Set a good example for others.pdfPBL - Assembly - Set a good example for othersPBL - Assembly - Set a good example for others330 KB
PBL - Assembly - show 5Ls.pdfPBL - Assembly - show 5LsPBL - Assembly - show 5Ls334 KB
PBL - Assembly - Sit in class area.pdfPBL - Assembly - Sit in class areaPBL - Assembly - Sit in class area336 KB
PBL - Be Respectful - Assembly I will applaud appropriately.pdfPBL - Be Respectful - Assembly I will applaud appropriatelyPBL - Be Respectful - Assembly I will applaud appropriately356 KB
PBL - Be Respectful - Assembly I will celebrate success of all.pdfPBL - Be Respectful - Assembly I will celebrate success of allPBL - Be Respectful - Assembly I will celebrate success of all356 KB
All areas - Model expected bahviour.pdfPBL All areas - Model expected bahviourAll areas - Model expected bahviour320 KB
PBL Be a Learner - Transitions I will be responsible.pdfPBL Be a Learner - Transitions I will be responsiblePBL Be a Learner - Transitions I will be responsible322 KB
PBL Be Safe - Learning Area I will be safe with materials.pdfPBL Be Safe - Learning Area I will be safe with materialsPBL Be Safe - Learning Area I will be safe with materials313 KB
be-a-learner---all-areas-iwill-work-tough.pdfPBL be-a-learner-all-areas-i-will-work-toughbe-a-learner---all-areas-iwill-work-tough326 KB
besafeplayindesignatedareas.pdfPBL besafeplayindesignatedareasbesafeplayindesignatedareas339 KB
pbl_brochure.pdfPBL Brochurepbl_brochure378 KB
css-values-poster.pdfPBL css-values-postercss-values-poster528 KB
first-time-everytime.pdfPBL First-time-everytimefirst-time-everytime344 KB
follow-class-routines.pdfPBL Follow-class-routinesfollow-class-routines379 KB
I will be in the right place at the right time.pdfPBL I will be in the right place at the right timeI will be in the right place at the right time349 KB
Prep-Learning-Areas.pdfPBL Prep-Learning-AreasPrep-Learning-Areas317 KB
Transitions - be on time.pdfPBL Transitions - be on timeTransitions - be on time350 KB
Year-1-All-areas.pdfPBL Year-1-All-areasYear-1-All-areas305 KB
Year-2-Learning-Areas.pdfPBL Year-2-Learning-AreasYear-2-Learning-Areas321 KB
Year-3-Learning-Area.pdfPBL Year-3-Learning-AreaYear-3-Learning-Area324 KB
Year-4-Learning-Area.pdfPBL Year-4-Learning-AreaYear-4-Learning-Area344 KB
Year-5-and-6-Learning-Area.pdfPBL Year-5-and-6-Learning-AreaYear-5-and-6-Learning-Area350 KB
prep-enrolment-questionnaire.pdfPrep enrolment questionnaireprep-enrolment-questionnaire107 KB
Prep Uniform Price List.pdfPrep Uniform Price ListPrep Uniform Price List275 KB
responsible-behaviour-plan.pdfResponsible behaviour plan for students 2018responsible-behaviour-plan15398 KB
running club.pdfrunning clubrunning club44 KB
school-reviews-fact-sheet.pdfschool-reviews-fact-sheetschool-reviews-fact-sheet195 KB
Science Comp Handbook 2017.pdfScience-Comp-Handbook-2017Science Comp Handbook 20171950 KB
SMARTS Overview.pdfSMARTS overviewSMARTS Overview225 KB
Stop_go_Family_Name_Template_Master.pdfStop Go Family Name TemplateStop_go_Family_Name_Template_Master92 KB
strategic_plan_coomera_state_school.pdfStrategic Plan Coomera State School 2019 - 2022 Consultation Model draftstrategic_plan_coomera_state_school536 KB
strengthening-discipline-fact sheet.pdfStrengthening discipline in Qld schools fact sheetstrengthening-discipline-fact sheet155 KB
Student Attendance.pdfStudent attendanceStudent Attendance19 KB
student council club.pdfstudent council clubstudent council club74 KB
teaching-and-learning-audit-8-page-profile.pdfTeaching and Learning Audit - 8 Page profileteaching-and-learning-audit-8-page-profile268 KB
executive-summary.pdfTeaching and Learning Audit - Executive Summaryexecutive-summary189 KB
parent-fact-sheet.pdfTeaching and Learning Audit - Parent Fact Sheetparent-fact-sheet265 KB
Tuckshop Menu 2019.jpgTuckshop Menu 2019Tuckshop Menu 2019522 KB
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