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Coomera State School offers a number of extra-curricular activities including a variety of clubs the students can attend in their breaks. 


Coomera State School
Selected  Year 4 to 6 students
Monday 2nd break
5D’s room
Miss Mackay
At the beginning of Term 1 classes identify a representative from each class in Year 4 to 6 to be their class representative for the school year.  Student Councillors assist with promoting events aimed at raising awareness (one per term).
Open to students in Prep to Year 6 who commit for the term
2nd break
3D’s room Mrs Portanger
Chess Club provides students the opportunity to learn the game of chess and develop logical thinking, imagination whilst improving concentration. Students have the opportunity across the year to represent the school at various competitions.
Open to students in Prep to Year 6
1st break
Dance/Drama room
Glee club offers dancing and singing to enthusiastic students. Students learn a variety of routines from different genres of music such as the latest songs of today, musicals, rock n roll, and songs from yesteryear. This year Glee club is taking a slightly different direction offering the singing side to the routines, so students will not only be dancing to these tunes but singing them as well. This club is open to all students from prep to year 6. Students are able to just swing by for a one off lesson however to be able to perform at assemblies or other school functions, students must make the weekly commitment of attending each time Glee club is on.
Open to student in Years 4 to 6 
1st break 
Music Room
Students will experience correct warm up exercises and share many songs/rounds/partner compositions and modern two part harmonies.
Open to   committed student in Years 4 to 6, supporting selected students in Year 1 - 2
1st break
Bilinba Undercover area
Senior students are encouraged to share their love of reading, while supporting Junior students as they learn their sight words.  Twice a week Senior and Junior students engage in fun games that provide opportunities for Junior students to develop their recognition of high frequency words and build on their social and communication skills as they work alongside the Senior students.
Open to committed student in Years 3 to 6 
Tuesday Morning 8:20-8:45am 
 On The Oval
The Running Club is for students who want to develop their endurance and stamina whilst also building their fitness and skill level in other areas of athletics ie: 100m, 200m, and 800m.
Fitness Club
 Open to student in Years 5 & 6
 Thursday 1st Break 11:00-11:25am
 On The Oval
This club aims to extend opportunities in fitness to students in Years 5 and 6 in a variety of sporting events such as: long jump, high jump, shuttle relays, sprinting 100m/200m. Students will work to set goals each week to improve their performance.
Japanese Club
 Open to student in Years 4 to 6
Wednesday 1st Break 
 Japanese Room
Students in Years 4 – 6 are welcome to come along and learn more about Japan! Activities will include singing, dancing, drawing, playing games and other cultural activities as well as watching fun Japanese shows.
Open to students in Year 4 to 6, committed for the term
2nd break
3E’s room Mrs Ingles Mrs Webb
The Coomera Can Speak Club provides interested students in Year 4-6 with the opportunity to develop their speaking skills across a range of genres such as poetry recital and public speaking. The club operates across the year. Students who actively participate in developing their skills can be invited to participate in some external competitions.
The program aims to:
  • develop confidence, communication skills and a love of performing.
  • develop imagination, creativity and a platform to voice personal opinions and passions in a positive and supportive environment
  • experience the challenge and the rewards of public speaking during school events and a competition environment.
Program Overview:
Semester One
Students will be supported in fun drama activities.  In addition, they will be involved in learning how to recite a short humourous poem (individual, duo or small group) and engage in performances in front of other group members at lunch time.  For those students interested in further challenges they may be invited to perform their poem(s) in front of their classmates or school assemblies.
Semester Two
Students may be encouraged to seek out opportunities to perform at The Somerset Festival for Young Performers at Somerset College.  Held every August, it is a wonderful competition that fosters a sense of encouragement and enthusiasm, emphasising that the achievement is in the effort of the performer rather than in the final placing.  Students who do not wish to take up this opportunity will continue to develop their skills in more challenging performance poetry with the hope of speaking to a larger audience than the lunch time group.
For Year 4 and 5 we also offer the opportunity to enter the AB Paterson Public Speaking competition held at the end of Term 3 and early Term 4.  This competition is an excellent opportunity to build on the skills required for speech writing and delivery. It is a skill that will last a life time and is needed in every walk of life.
Mad Hatter’s Club
Open to committed students in Year 4 - 6
Tuesday 1st break
Miss Pittman
The Mad Hatter Club provides students with the opportunity to share their enthusiasm for reading and to adopt a deeper level of understanding about books. In addition, it aims to:
* Nurture and develop a love for reading
* Instil important reading strategies to foster improved comprehension of texts
* Provide a platform to voice personal opinions about books in a positive and supportive environment
* Expose students to a variety of books that they may not necessarily choose to read themselves to enrich students’ vocabulary
Program Overview
Semester 1 and 2
Students will be supported in learning how to perform different roles as a reader and then share their findings, opinions and experiences with other students. The Mat Hatter’s book club allows students to focus on a particular book for the term.
Open to students in Year 3 - 6  
 Friday 2nd Break
Science Room​
Student who like designing, making and creating are invited to join STEM Club!
STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Each week students will work in teams to complete a new challenge from making egg bungees to making catapults and even blasting off bottle rockets!
Robotics Club
Open to students in Year 5 & 6 with limited spaces
Wednesday 2nd Break 
Computer Lab
Miss Lewis
Mr Craig
Senior students who enjoy Mathematics, Science and Technology are invited to participate in exciting challenge based activities using a range of robotics equipment: including Spheros and Lego Mindstorm EV3’s!