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School review and performance

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Significant School Achievements

At Coomera, our school community is proud of its recognised achievements in the academic, cultural, sporting, arts and performance, public speaking, technological and environmental arenas.

Coomera Can Speak club

Students in our 'Coomera Can Speak' club have gone on to compete in local speaking and debating competitions, with some of our students winning awards at the highest levels.  We take pride in our student leadership program and peer mentor programs, preparing our students with the confidence and skills to develop personal skills and to be responsible young leaders of the future. Our 'Mad Hatters' club, 'Buddy Readers' program and our highly successful 'Lexile Reading Program' help to foster a love of reading and literature and encourage students to 'read to succeed'. The school joins in with other celebrations of reading including a community Book Week parade and activities, MS Readathon and Simultaneous Reading Day.  Every day, students are encouraged to be writers through the 'Daily Writes' program.  Opportunities are offered to students to publish their work in school newsletters or to compete against other schools in competitions such as 'Write for Fun'.


Students can also choose to enter the ICAS competition to gain national accreditation in English, Spelling, Writing, Maths, Science and Computer Skills. The school has competed in and  won awards in district maths and STEAM challenges and our 'Robotics' club, 'STEAM' club and 'Computer' clubs prepare our students as 21st Century learners.  We are proud that every classroom space now has sets of class iPads and recharge stations. The school has two full working computer labs and has introduced a 'Maker-Space' room for budding engineers, robotics and coding. Students are also encouraged to hone their creative skills through 'lego building' in the Resource Centre at second break. The school is involved in the 'Wonder of Science' STEAM program where Year 5 and Year 6 students have the opportunity to work with young ambassadors (from high schools and universities) to plan and build a design solution to solve a real world problem. The school celebrates 'National Science Week' and students are encouraged to take part in a week of discovery and learning.


Year 4, 5 and 6 students can partake in our 'Japanese' club and many of our students have successfully competed in district Japanese speaking competitions and poster competitions.  A favourite activity of the whole school community is to participate in the Japanese 'Lunch' day where both students and teachers enjoy a taste of delicious Japanese cuisine.


Both the school's 'Performance' club and 'Singing' club allow our talented students to explore music, dance and creative expression.  Members of these clubs and the school instrumental band and strings ensemble have gone on to perform at school parades, concerts and other public events.


The community spirit is encouraged through shared celebrations and commemorations such as ANZAC Day parades, Harmony Day celebrations, NAIDOC Day, Easter Hat Parade and the Carols by Candlelight, Christmas event.  Coomera State School has a proud history of achievements in environmental education. In 2003 the school was named the Greenest and Healthiest School in Queensland.  Our 'Environment' club carries on that same tradition of encouraging sustainable practices, every student, every day.  The school focuses on Positive Behaviour for Learning.  Our 'Acts of Kindness' program was recognised by the Minister for Education as a highly commendable initiative.  We offer a comprehensive well-being program, a school chaplain, breakfast club every Wednesday and the school community participates in 'Walk to School Safely' day.  The school is supported by an adopt-a-cop and participates in the 'Life Education' program and fire and water safety programs and Year 6 transitions programs.


Students also participate in athletics and district athletics programs, a whole school swimming program and various sporting incursions.  We are proud that many of our students have gone on to represent the school at both district and state or national levels.  Our 'Running' club caters for the active student and our 'Yoga' club aims to strengthen both body and mindfulness.

Last reviewed 26 September 2019
Last updated 26 September 2019